Day 16 Day Off

Saturday August 9th

After a total of 123 kilometers and a total of 31 summits a day of much needed rest and resupplying is much anticipated. Chris has departed and now I’m once again on my own. It was sure nice having another companion around and I will miss his presence and humor. I will see either is Shizuoka when I get done or in Nepal in October. Not a real exciting day but on in which I resupplied and picked up a few things I really needed, including a new MP3 player. Got to walk around the quaint city of Matsumoto. The traditional buildings and famous castle harken back to a time long gone and one side of Japan that I won’t see in the mountains. My feet have a few blisters and I’m hoping that my hike through Yatsugatake won’t be affected by then. Tomorrow’s weather is supposed to be really nice and as I sit in my tent in the city of Chino I’m looking forward to getting on with the second half of my adventure through the island of Honshu.


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