Day 15 – Back into Society

Friday August 8th                                                       16 Km (10 miles) 6.5 hrs


A pretty windy night left us with a little sleep. Despite the lack of sleep we were eager to get going and to get down and out from the Japanese Northern Alps. We climbed Yarigatake and at 3108 meters (10,196 ft) the highest mountain we have climbed so far, and  although the summit was clouded and our visibility zero, standing on top felt great. The hike itself down the mountain was done in a slight to heavy rain and the views were stunted. The final straight path along the river to Komikochi was surrounded by beautiful cliffs with waterfalls outing down from the lively and lush green sides. A long hike out and we were finally out of the North Alps!! The highest priority after a bus ride out brought us to an onset and a chance  to clean my body after 15 days without a shower! The hot steamy water felt so nice on my worn down body and feet. The huge dinner Chris and I enjoyed afterwards left my stomach distended but in a pleasant way. Tomorrow a nice rest in and around Matsumoto and then Sunday I start my hike up the Yatsugatake range.


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