Day 14 -Closer to a Shower

Thursday August 7th                                     9 km (5.6 miles) 7.5 hrs

Day 12 on the trail and the weather today was cloudy with only a few views of the gully surrounding Yarigatake. A pleasant enough hike through some beautiful fields of wildflowers and along a nice traverse that Chris said reminded him of the highlands of Scotland. Saw many more people on the trail today than we have the previous four days. The popular mountain area of Kamikochi was finally upon us! After crossing Mamisawa-dake at 2,755 meters (9,039 ft) we hiked along a ridge line that got a little humbling. At the base of Yarigatake which stands 3,180 meters (10,433 ft) we looked up in the wind drawn mist and couldn’t see a thing in front of us. What views this mountain must offer in the clear sky! It was a tough climb to the tent site and the continuous rain made the hike that much more difficult. The mountain Kami (Gods) are definitely trying to prevent both Chris and I from enjoying our excursion. I’m looking forward to getting down the mountain tomorrow and getting cleaned up as well as gorging on a huge meal. It’s been 14 days since I’ve last showered.


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