Day 10 -Making Progress

Sunday August 3rd                                                    10 km (6.2 miles) 8 hrs

Day number 8 on the trail and 9th day in the mountains. We had gorgeous weather all day. The morning hike flew by as Chris and I ascended Iwakoshitsusawa-dake at 2630 meters (8,628 feet) and then took a brief rest at the hut below. The hiking was pretty non strenuous for most of the morning with a cool breeze balancing the heat from the sun. Next we easily ascended Narusawa-dake at 2,641 meters (8,664 ft) and then took a long lunch on the beautiful summit of Akazawa-dake at 2,677 meters (8,782 ft). The summit cone offered us view of the Kurobe Dam and the lake that stretched beyond the concrete. The people on this trail were far less in numbers than the previous day and once again everyone we came into contact with were curious about what we were doing in the mountain wilderness and where were we from. Polite enough but at this stage in the journey it’s been quite repetitious. But I understand their curiousness and the monotonous questions will be asked until I’m finished. Up until the ascent of Subari-dake 2,752 meters (9,028 ft) we were mostly hiking along the ridge line, a change of pace from the continuous up and down climbing Chris and I have previously been doing. By the time the tunes of Miles Davis and the Grateful Dead pushed me up the final peak of the day (yes – I enjoy listing to music…a lot) Harimmoki-dake at 2,820 meters (9,521 ft), I was exhausted and ready to settle in my down for the night. By and large the day was one of the best thus far in the Northern Alps and one that will be tough to repeat. Sitting atop a col with views across the range to our previous hut and across another range with views of where we will be. I need to shower badly and also need my clothes washed but other than that things are going as planned if not better!


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