Day 9 – Short Gallop

Saturday August 2nd                                                  4 km (2.5 miles) 2 hours


After an extra long day on Friday we decided our only option was a quick 2 hour hike to the closest mountain hut Taneike Sanso. Getting up around 6:30 in the morning we decided to relax and take in the surrounding views of Tateyama, Tsurugi, and the mountains we previously day Kashimayarigadake. Hitting the trail around 10 am enabled us to hit the summit of Jiigatake which stands at 2609 meters (8756 ft) at around noon. By far the easiest day of my hike thus far. We settled in to our campsite by 1:00 and were playing cards, eating, and listening to music for the remainder of the afternoon. We were then taken in by a group from Miyagi-ken and drank with them, this was very appreciated. Chris and I drank White Horse and beer and ate with them while singing both the Japanese and American National Anthems for a while. A great day and one that made all the hard work yesterday worth it.


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