Back At It! – Day 8

Friday August 1st                                                          9 km (5.5 miles) 11 hours


Woke up around 5:30 and my body felt like hiking! Climbed Goryu-dake which is a top 100 mountain in Japan and stands at 2814 meters (9232 ft). I climbed this mountain the previous year during the winter with the mountain cloaked in snow and ice, the mountain stands as magnificent today as it did then. A clear view across the valley and the mountains of Tateyama and Tsurugi could easily be seen. Having Chris along is great and his legs have not clearly kicked in yet. Reminds me of myself a few days back, struggling over the rock outcrops but steadily making his own way. After a 5 hour hike from Goryu to Kiretto hut we were a bit disappointed to find that the hut sits on a little col and can’t accommodate tents. Our only other choice is to continue hiking over Kashima Yarigadake at 2889 meters (9478 ft) and then continue on to the hut below. If we did this hike a few days ago I’m not sure I could have made it, however my legs were very adapted by this time and I had little trouble ascending the chain and rocky incline to the summit. I was joined by a couple from Gunma, a lady from Tokyo, and another mom Osaka and together we rejoiced as if we just summited Everest. Another 1.5 hours and we finally found ourselves at our tent site. Elated to be at home we drank a beer and chowed back a big dinner. Good to be resting once again! I have a few blisters on the bottom of my feet and will deal with them tomorrow.


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