No Legs – Day 3

Sunday July 27th                                                           Hiked 12 km (7.5 mi) 8.5 hrs

Progress is slow but my slow pace is just fine and I’m moving along. Hiked along the tree line for the first time today. Still tired and it seems clear that I haven’t found my legs yet. I still expect it will be a few days before my legs kick in. Was rewarded with some gorgeous views as the weather cleared. A bit sunny but clouds gathered as the day wore on. Crossed Kikoishi-yama at 1209 meters (3,965 ft) then a little later summited Inugadake which stands at 1593 meters (5,225 ft). Also passed through Sawagani-san and an unidentified mountain both at 1612 (5,287 ft) and 1623 meters (5323 ft) respectively. Although beyond the tree line the elevation was up and down all day long. I suspect tomorrow will be a difficult day but one that will bring me in sight on the main section of the Northern Alps mountain range.


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